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“I wish my hair was straight,” says the girl with the curly hair. “I want my hair to curl like yours,” says the girl with the straight hair. We’ve all said it at one point or another, and that’s because most of us suffer from hair envy. We try our hardest to blow dry and flat iron our hair to get it to look super sleek and picture perfect. Then there’s the weather to take into consideration… You step outside, and then your  hair gets frizzy or puffy. So there goes all the work you put into your hair just a few minutes ago. But did you know that the blow dryer you use at home, and heat settings on your flat iron can be part of your styling problem? A good hair day starts with Salon Passione. Let our professional hair stylists take care of your hair. We offer the best option for your hair type. Come in for hair straightener consultations, permanent waving and/or professional blow dry styling.

If you straighten or blow dry your hair often, then you should make sure that you come into the salon for deep conditioning. This helps prevent and repairs hair damage.

What are you waiting for? Come into Salon Passione today and be the envy of all your friends! Take advantage of our special offers and salon discounts here.

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